Aprilia RSV4 Price in Pakistan 2024 & Specs

Aprilia RSV4 Price in Pakistan



Engine (upto)

1099 cc


Electric Kick & Start

Mileage (upto)

15 KM/L

The Aprilia RSV4 emerges as the most budget-friendly option among bikes in Pakistan, appealing to a wide audience across the country. Its popularity is further bolstered by remarkably low service costs, making it a standout choice nationwide. Priced competitively at PKR 1,100,000, this bike boasts a robust 1099 CC engine delivering a maximum power of 201.0 HP @ 13,000.0 RPM.

Aprilia RSV4 Price in Pakistan

With both electric and kick start options, it offers convenience and reliability. Additionally, achieving a mileage of 15 kmpl, the RSV4 ensures an economical and thrilling ride for enthusiasts throughout Pakistan.

Aprilia RSV4 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The Aprilia RSV4 is equipped with a robust 1099 cc engine, delivering an impressive power output of 201.0 HP @ 13,000.0 RPM and torque of 115.2 Nm @ 10,500.0 RPM. It features front and rear brakes for optimal stopping power and is supported by a 6-speed transmission system, ensuring smooth gear shifts.

With dimensions of 2040 mm in length, 735 mm in width, and 1120 mm in height, along with a ground clearance of 130 mm, the RSV4 offers a balanced and agile ride. Its kerb weight stands at 999 kg, contributing to its nimble handling and performance prowess. You can also check prices of Aprilia RS 125 bike from our website.

Specifications and Features of Aprilia RSV4 bike :

The specifications and features of this bike are as follows:

SpecsAprilia RSV4
EngineV4 cylinder,4 stroke
ClutchMultiplate wet clutch
Horsepower217.0 HP @ 13000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke81 x 53.3 mm
StartingElectric/Kick start
Dry Weight202 kg
Displacement 1099 CC
Transmission 6 -Speed gearbox
Torque (NM)125.0 Nm @ 10500.0 RPM
No of gears6
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank18 L
Fuel efficiency15 KM/L
ColorRed, Black, etc
Wheel Size (inches)17 inches
Dimension2055 x 735 x 1120 mm
Tyre at Front120 – 120
Tyre at Back190 – 55
Ground Clearance130 mm
  • Exceptional performance with a powerful engine and precise handling.
  • Advanced electronics and rider aids enhance control and safety.
  • Italian craftsmanship and stylish design make it a head-turner.
  • Customization options allow riders to tailor the bike to their preferences.
  • Excellent reliability and support from authorized Aprilia dealerships.
  • High price point compared to some competitors in its class.
  • Aggressive riding position may not be comfortable for all riders, especially for long journeys.
  • Limited fuel tank capacity may require more frequent refueling on extended rides.
  • Maintenance costs can be higher than average, especially for specialized parts.
  • Availability of aftermarket accessories and parts may be limited compared to more popular brands.

Aprilia RSV4 Bike FAQs

What sets the Aprilia RSV4 apart from other superbikes?

The Aprilia RSV4 stands out due to its exceptional performance, advanced technology, and Italian craftsmanship. Its powerful engine, precise handling, and cutting-edge electronics make it a top choice for riders seeking ultimate performance on the road or track.

Can the Aprilia RSV4 be customized to suit individual preferences?

Yes, the Aprilia RSV4 offers various customization options, allowing riders to tailor the bike to their specific needs and preferences. From adjustable suspension settings to customizable riding modes and optional accessories, riders can personalize their RSV4 to enhance comfort, performance, and style.

How does the Aprilia RSV4 fare in terms of reliability and maintenance?

Aprilia RSV4 is known for its reliability, thanks to its robust engineering and high-quality components. Routine maintenance, such as oil changes and inspections, should be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, authorized Aprilia dealerships offer expert service and support to keep the RSV4 running smoothly for years to come.

My Reviews / Conclusion

As an avid rider, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the Aprilia RSV4 firsthand, and it’s nothing short of exhilarating. From its sleek design to its powerful engine, every aspect of this bike screams performance. The handling is precise, allowing for effortless maneuverability on both tight corners and straightaways. The engine delivers an adrenaline-pumping surge of power, making every ride an unforgettable experience.

Its advanced technology, including electronic aids and rider modes, further enhances control and safety. Overall, the Aprilia RSV4 is a true masterpiece, combining style, speed, and precision in a way that few bikes can match. You can also check prices of different bikes from our website.

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