Aprilia RX 125 Price in Pakistan 2024 & Specs

Aprilia RX 125 Price in Pakistan



Engine (upto)

124 cc


Electric Start

Mileage (upto)

37 KM/L

The Aprilia RX 125 stands out as the most budget-friendly option among bikes in Pakistan, appealing to a wide audience nationwide. Its popularity is further bolstered by remarkably affordable service costs.

Aprilia RX 125 Price in Pakistan

Priced at PKR 625,000, this bike boasts a displacement of 124 CC and offers a mileage of 37 Kmpl, making it an efficient choice for both urban commutes and off-road adventures.

Aprilia RX 125 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The Aprilia RX 125 is equipped with a robust 124 cc engine, providing ample power and torque for thrilling rides. Its braking system includes both front and rear brakes for enhanced safety. Performance is supported by a 6-speed transmission, ensuring smooth gear shifts.

With a kerb weight of 124 cc, the RX 125 offers agile handling. Its dimensions comprise a length of mm, width of mm, height of mm, and a ground clearance of 130 mm. You can also check prices of different bikes from our website.

Specifications and Features of Aprilia RX 125 bike :

The specifications and features of this bike are as follows:

SpecsAprilia RX 125
EngineSour stroke, Aluminium cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves.
ClutchMulti-plate in oil bath.
Horsepower15.0 HP @ 10000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke54 x 54.4 mm
StartingElectric start
Dry Weight120 kg
Displacement 124 CC
Transmission 6 -Speed gearbox
Torque (NM)11.0 Nm @ 8000.0 RPM
No of gears6
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank14.5 L
Fuel efficiency37 KM/L
FrameSloping twin-spar frame in thin wall box section cast aluminium, with reinforcement cross-ribbing.
ColorRed, Black, etc
Wheel Size (inches)17 inches
Dimension1955 x 720 x 1100 mm
Tyre at Front110 – 110
Tyre at Back130 – 17
Ground Clearance130 mm
  • Lightweight and agile design for effortless off-road maneuverability.
  • Powerful 125cc engine optimized for adventurous riding.
  • Stylish and rugged aesthetics that stand out on any terrain.
  • Responsive braking system for enhanced safety during off-road excursions.
  • Versatile enough for both off-road exploration and daily commuting.
  • Limited top speed compared to larger displacement bikes.
  • May lack some features found in higher-end off-road motorcycles.
  • Smaller fuel tank capacity may require more frequent refueling on longer rides.
  • Suspension setup may feel stiff for some riders on rough terrain.
  • Availability of aftermarket parts and accessories may be limited compared to more popular models.

Aprilia RX 125 Bike FAQs

What makes the Aprilia RX 125 ideal for off-road riding?

The Aprilia RX 125 is specifically designed for off-road adventures, featuring lightweight construction, agile handling, and a powerful 125cc engine optimized for tackling diverse terrain with ease.

Can the Aprilia RX 125 be used for daily commuting as well?

While primarily built for off-road excursions, the Aprilia RX 125 is versatile enough to handle urban commutes with its responsive performance and nimble maneuverability, making it suitable for both adventurous rides and day-to-day travel.

What safety features does the Aprilia RX 125 offer?

The Aprilia RX 125 prioritizes safety with features such as responsive braking systems, durable suspension for stability on uneven surfaces, and advanced rider aids to enhance control and confidence in various off-road conditions.

My Reviews / Conclusion

The Aprilia RX 125 is a true champion of off-road exploration, delivering an exhilarating riding experience that ignites the adventurer within. From tackling challenging trails to navigating through rough terrain, this bike offers unmatched agility and performance. Its lightweight design and responsive handling make maneuvering effortless, while the powerful 125cc engine ensures a thrilling ride every time.

The stylish yet rugged aesthetic adds to its appeal, reflecting the bike’s capability to handle any adventure with confidence. Whether cruising through dirt paths or conquering rocky landscapes, the Aprilia RX 125 never fails to impress, making it the perfect companion for those seeking adrenaline-fueled escapades off the beaten path. You can also check prices of Aprilia Tuono V4 bike from our website.

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