Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory Price in Pakistan 2024 & Specs

Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory Price in Pakistan



Engine (upto)

659 cc


Self Start

Mileage (upto)

20 KM/L

Let’s explore the key features of the Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory:

  1. Enhanced Performance: The Tuono 660 Factory elevates the already impressive Tuono 660 with a new Aprilia twin-cylinder engine, delivering exceptional power and agility for an exhilarating ride.
  2. Stylish Design: With new graphics and striking red wheels in vibrant color schemes like “Too Fast” and “Speed White,” the Tuono 660 Factory stands out on the road.
  3. Advanced Suspension: Featuring fully adjustable KYB forks and a Sachs rear shock with an oil reservoir, the Factory variant ensures precise handling and optimal suspension performance.
  4. High-Performance Braking: Equipped with cutting-edge braking technology, the Tuono 660 Factory offers confidence-inspiring stopping power for enhanced safety.
  5. Customizable Riding Modes: With five riding modes catering to various conditions and rider preferences, the Tuono 660 Factory adapts seamlessly to different riding scenarios.
  6. Lightweight Construction: Utilizing a lightweight lithium battery, the Tuono 660 Factory sheds around 3 pounds, enhancing its agility and responsiveness on the road.
  7. Comprehensive APRC Electronics: Standard with the complete suite of APRC electronic controls, including traction control, wheelie control, cruise control, quick shift, engine brake, and customizable engine maps, the Tuono 660 Factory offers advanced performance customization options.
Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory Price in Pakistan

In essence, the Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory combines performance, style, and cutting-edge technology to deliver an exhilarating riding experience for enthusiasts seeking pure excitement on two wheels!

Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory Price in Pakistan 2024:

Let’s delve into the technical specifications of the Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory:

  1. Weight: With a dry weight of approximately 399 lbs, the Tuono 660 Factory offers a balanced and agile ride.
  2. Power: Equipped with a potent 100 HP engine, it delivers exhilarating performance on the road.
  3. Fuel Capacity: The fuel tank can accommodate up to 3.96 gallons, ensuring ample range for long rides.
  4. Efficiency: With an impressive fuel efficiency of 48 mpg, the Tuono 660 Factory combines power with economical operation.

Designed for discerning riders, the Tuono 660 Factory features advanced suspension, state-of-the-art electronics, and refined performance, delivering an unmatched thrill every time you hit the road. Whether you’re carving corners or enjoying spirited rides, the Tuono 660 Factory promises an unparalleled experience! You can also check prices of Aprilia RS 150 bike from our website.

Specifications and Features of Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory bike :

The specifications and features of this bike are as follows:

SpecsAprilia TUONO 660 Factory
Engine4-stroke, liquid cooled, twin-cylinder DOHC
ClutchMulti plate wet with Slipper Clutch
Horsepower100.0 HP @ 10500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke81 x 64 mm
StartingSelf start
Dry Weight181 kg
Displacement 659 CC
Transmission 6 -Speed gearbox
Torque (NM)67.0 Nm @ 8500.0 RPM
No of gears6
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank15 L
Fuel efficiency20 KM/L
FrameDual Beam Aluminum Frame
ColorRed, Black, etc
Wheel Size (inches)17 inches
Dimension1195 x 805 x 820 mm
Tyre at Front3.5 – 3.5
Tyre at Back5.5 – 17
Ground Clearance150mm
  • Agile and responsive handling for thrilling rides.
  • Powerful 660cc engine delivers exhilarating performance.
  • Advanced electronic rider aids enhance safety and control.
  • Stylish design with aggressive aesthetics.
  • Versatile for both city commuting and spirited rides.
  • High price point compared to competitors.
  • Limited pillion comfort for long rides.
  • Maintenance costs can be relatively high.
  • Firm suspension setup may not suit all riders.
  • Limited availability of dealership and service network in some regions.

Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory Bike FAQs

What is the engine displacement of the Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory?

The Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory boasts a 660cc engine, delivering impressive power and performance.

What electronic features does the Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory offer?

The TUONO 660 Factory comes equipped with advanced rider aids such as cornering ABS, traction control, and ride modes for enhanced safety and control.

Is the Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory suitable for various riding styles?

Yes, the TUONO 660 Factory is designed to excel in both city commuting and spirited rides on twisty roads, offering versatility and agility for diverse riding experiences.

My Reviews / Conclusion

As an avid rider, my experience with the Aprilia TUONO 660 Factory has been nothing short of exhilarating. Its lightweight chassis combined with the powerful 660cc engine delivers an unmatched level of agility and responsiveness on the road. The bike’s advanced electronics suite, including cornering ABS and traction control, instills confidence and enhances safety during spirited rides.

With its aggressive styling and comfortable ergonomics, every journey becomes a thrilling adventure. Whether carving through twisty mountain roads or cruising on the highway, the TUONO 660 Factory never fails to impress with its performance and versatility. You can also check prices of different bikes from our website.

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