Honda CB 150 F Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda CB 150 F Price in Pakistan



Engine (upto)

150 cc


kick & Self Start

Mileage (upto)

35 KM/L

Honda CB 150 F stands as a noteworthy addition within Honda’s renowned CB series, manufactured by Atlas Honda in Pakistan. The model joins a lineup of other notable bikes including the Honda CB 125F, Honda CG 125, Honda CD 70, and Honda Pridor.

Honda CB 150 F boasts an array of captivating features that contribute to its exquisite design and impressive performance. Notably, the stylish muffler exhaust not only aligns with the bike’s aesthetic but also augments the engine’s performance and sound. Additionally, the bike incorporates a self-start system for effortless ignition, while its durable tail protection mechanism enhances on-road safety.

Honda CB 150 F Price in Pakistan

Honda CB 150 F Engine At the heart of the Honda CB 150F resides a potent and efficient 150cc 4-stroke SOHC Inherent Turbo Cooled engine. This advanced engine delivers a remarkable torque of 12.6 Nm at 8500 rpm, translating to exceptional acceleration capabilities. The engine’s dimensions, with a bore and stroke of 57.3 x 57.8 mm, contribute to its seamless performance and overall efficiency. Sporting a compression ratio of 9.1:1, the CB 150F strikes an optimal equilibrium between power and fuel economy, rendering it a suitable choice for both urban commuting and long journeys. It achieves a peak horsepower of 17.5 HP at 10500 rpm.

Honda CB 150 F Price in Pakistan 2024:

The heart of the Honda CB 150 F pulses with a 150 cc engine, propelling the bike with a commanding power of 17.5 HP at 10500.0 RPM and a torque of 12.6 Nm at 8500.0 RPM. Brakes grace both the front and rear of the CB 150 F, while its dynamic performance relies on a 5-speed transmission.

The engine harmonizes with a 5-speed gearbox. Weighing in at 150 cc, the CB 150 F exhibits a kerb weight. Its physical dimensions span with a length of 2051 mm, a width of 760 mm, and a height of 1085 mm, while resting confidently with a ground clearance of 168 mm. You can also check prices of different bikes from our website.

Honda CB 150 F Specifications:

The specifications and features of this bike are as follows:

SpecsHonda CB 150 F
Engine4 Stroke SOHC  Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer
ClutchWet Type Multi Plate
Horsepower17.5 HP @ 10500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke57.3 x 57.8 mm
StartingSelf-Start/Kick Start
Dry Weight124kg
Displacement150 CC
Torque (NM)12.6 Nm @ 8500.0 RPM
No of gears5
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank13 L
Fuel efficiency35 KM/L
FrameBack Bone
ColorRed, Silver & Blue
Wheel Size (inches)17 inches
Dimension2051 x 760 x 1085 mm
Tyre at Front80/100 – 18M/C (47P)
Tyre at Back90/90 – 18M/C (51P)
Ground Clearance168 mm
  • Powerful Performance
  • Sleek Design
  • Versatile Transmission
  • Self-Start Convenience
  • Agile Handling
  • Limited Ground Clearance
  • Seat Comfort
  • Vibrations
  • Lack of Advanced Features
  • Maintenance Cost

Honda CB 150 F Bike FAQs

What is the engine specification of the Honda CB 150F?

The Honda CB 150F is equipped with a 150 cc engine that produces a power output of 17.5 HP at 10500 RPM and a torque of 12.6 Nm at 8500 RPM. This engine configuration provides a balance between performance and efficiency, making it suitable for various riding scenarios.

What are the notable design features of the Honda CB 150F?

The Honda CB 150F boasts a stylish design that includes a sleek muffler exhaust, enhancing both its appearance and engine performance. The bike also incorporates a self-start system for effortless ignition. Its overall design and features contribute to a balanced blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Is the Honda CB 150F suitable for different types of rides?

Yes, the Honda CB 150 F is designed to offer versatility in riding experiences. Its 5-speed transmission and responsive engine make it well-suited for both city commuting and longer rides. Whether navigating through urban traffic or cruising on highways, the CB 150F aims to provide a satisfying and adaptable riding experience.

My Reviews / Conclusion

Having had the privilege to ride the Honda CB 150 F, I can confidently say that it’s a remarkable bike that seamlessly blends power and style. The 155cc engine’s performance is truly impressive, providing a thrilling 17.5 HP at 10500 RPM, coupled with a torque of 12.6 Nm at 8500 RPM that ensures swift acceleration.

What caught my attention beyond the numbers, though, was its sleek design and thoughtful features. The sleek muffler exhaust not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the engine’s performance. The self-start system adds convenience to every ride. The bike’s agile handling, aided by the 5-speed transmission, makes it versatile for both city commutes and open highways. All in all, the Honda CB 150 F offers an exhilarating and stylish riding experience that’s hard to forget.

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