Kawasaki GTO 100 Price in Pakistan 2024 & Specs

kawasaki GTO 100 Price in Pakistan 2023



Engine (upto)

99 cc



Mileage (upto)

45 KM/L

Kawasaki GTO 100 stands out as the most economical choice among all Kawasaki models available in Pakistan. Its target audience spans across the entire nation. The GTO 100 enjoys widespread popularity due to its highly cost-effective and accessible servicing, making it a favored option nationwide.

Kawasaki GTO 100 Price in Pakistan

Priced competitively at 67,000 Pakistani Rupees, the Kawasaki GTO 100 motorcycle boasts a noteworthy displacement. The bike’s engine delivers a substantial power output, and it employs a Kick Start mechanism. Notably, the bike achieves an impressive mileage of 45 kilometers per liter, further enhancing its appeal among fuel-conscious consumers.

Kawasaki GTO 100 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The powerhouse of the Kawasaki GTO 100 is its robust 99 cc engine, which produces significant power and torque. This engine is accompanied by front and rear brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power. The GTO 100’s performance is supported by a transmission system, intricately linked to a 5-speed gearbox. With a kerb weight optimized for agility, the GTO 100 delivers a dynamic riding experience.

Its physical dimensions measure 1900 mm in length, 725 mm in width, and 1030 mm in height. This compact design is paired with a ground clearance of 135mm, striking a balance between stability and adaptability. You can also check prices of Kawasaki Ninja ZX 300 bike from our website.

Specifications of Kawasaki GTO 100 Bike:

The specifications of this bike are as follows:

SpecsKawasaki GTO 100
Kerb Weight85 KG
Ground Clearance135mm
Seat Height
Power (BHP)
Torque (NM)
No of gears
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank
Fuel efficiency45 KM/L
Suspension FrontWP APEX 43
Suspension RearWP APEX Mono-shock
Wheel Size (inches)18 inches
Tyre Front2.50 – 2.50
Tyre Rear2.75 – 18
Brakes Front
Brakes Rear

Features of Kawasaki GTO 100 Bike:

The featuresof this bike are as follows:

FeaturesKawasaki GTO 100
Electric Start
Pillion seatYes
Stand warning/indicator (Stand Alarm)Yes
Engine kill switch (Killswitch)
Headlight typeYes
Tail light type (Brake/Tail Light)LED Tail Lamp
ABS (Antilock Braking System)
Traction ControlYes
Alloy wheelsSpoke
Handle typeRod Handle Bar
Pass Light
  • Iconic Design
  • Efficient Fuel Consumption
  • Agile Maneuverability
  • Reliable Brand
  • Affordable Maintenance
  • Limited Power
  • Comfort Trade-off
  • Basic Features
  • Resale Value
  • Spare Parts Availability

Kawasaki GTO 100 Bike FAQs

What is the top speed of the Kawasaki GTO 100?

Kawasaki GTO 100 is approximately 100 to 110 km/h (62 to 68 mph).

How fast is a GTO?

Kawasaki GTO 100, also known as the Kawasaki GTO 110 in some versions, typically has a top speed of around 100 to 110 km/h (62 to 68 mph).

What GTO means?

Grand Touring Homologated

My Reviews / Conclusion

In my review of the Kawasaki GTO 100, I find it to be a standout option among motorcycles in its category. Powered by a robust 155 cc engine, the GTO 100 delivers an impressive combination of power and torque. The presence of both front and rear brakes ensures reliable stopping performance, enhancing safety.

The 5-speed gearbox seamlessly complements the bike’s performance, making it suitable for various riding conditions. With its balanced dimensions—measuring 1900 mm in length, 725 mm in width, and 1030 mm in height—the GTO 100 offers a well-proportioned design that caters to both maneuverability and comfort. Additionally, the 135mm ground clearance strikes a good compromise between stability and adaptability, making the Kawasaki GTO 100 an appealing choice for riders seeking a versatile and dynamic experience. You can also check prices of different bikes from our website.

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